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Cheetah-Licious Nails

4:16 PMBargainPrincess

Here is now a highly requested video after seeing my nails in my Blueberry & Grape eyeshadow look! This is such a super simple & chic design to do, for such an affordable price. Listed below are all the colors (polishes) & materials used in my recent YouTube nail tutorial. All products seen (not including the dotter & clear nailpolish) cost me no more then $6.00 to do...WOW!! But remember... The colors I used doesn't necessarily mean you have to use the same exact thing. Be original & make it your own. I'm sure it'll come out looking fab!!

Walmart ($2 each)
Gold - Pure ICE: Jaguar
Black - Pure ICE: Black Rage
Bronze - L.A. Girl: Copper

& Don't forget...
A piece of paper
& your dotting tool or a tooth pick to make those fun cheetah print designs, which is a heck of a lot cheaper!

(dotting tool purchased at Sally's beauty supply store: $5.29)


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