5 Facts About Me!

12:09 PMBargainPrincess


Fact 1:
I was on a bowling team called "The Warriors".
Fact 2:
I love to travel! So far I've been to Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico & many places located on the East Coast of the US.
Fact 3:
I love watching movies. My two favorites are Crooklyn and Devil Wears Prada
Fact 4:
My new hobby is knitting! So far I made a seed stitch scarf. Now I want to learn how to knit a Beret :)
Fact 5:
I'm a VERY picky eater. I don't like seafood & I hate with a passion pickles and chicken nuggets...YUCK!

Mini Story:
- My mom took me to a local restaurant when I was a little girl to celebrate my report card. So I ended up ordering french fries and chicken nuggets that were shaped into little dinosaurs; with a pickle on the side (my favorite at the time). I remember the food looking delicious, but tasted ((mmh)) weird.
Anyways, later that night I ended up seeing half of my food splattered all over my bedroom carpet. The smell of rancid pickles and chicken nuggets lingered in my bedroom for MONTHS.
UGH... YUCK...
I'm so disgusted even thinking about this.
But yeah, that's my short & sweet version on the whole chicken nugget and pickle thing ;)


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