First Date Outfit Ideas

9:04 PMBargainPrincess

I was requested by a few of my Youtube subscribers to come up with Spring & Summer first date looks. Knowing me, everything picked out is reasonably priced, stylish, and super comfortable!

Just Remember:
Don't show to much skin on your first date...Leave some to the imagination ;)

Look 1
Shirt: Walmart $4.00
Skirt: Walmart $16.00 - Sale $5.00
Necklace: Location & Price ?
Shoes: Oldnavy $2.50
Look 2
Dress: Marshalls $19.99 Sale $15.00
Purse: Canal St. $25.00
Shoes: Marshalls $39.99
Accessories: $5.00 (total)
Look 3
Shirt: Payhalf $14.00
Jeans: Forever21 $9.50
Purse: Aldos (Christmas Gift)
Shoes: Marshalls $39.99
Accessories: $9.50 (total)

Here's the actual video describing the outfits. Enjoy!

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