Waffle House

11:45 AMBargainPrincess

Random...I know!
But I just had to share my thoughts on this little breakfast diner, called the Waffle House.
One word...OMG!
I'm not usually a breakfast eater, but their food was delish. I ordered hash browns, an egg omelet, and wheat bread with a side order of bacon and 1 waffle.
When I first saw this food, I though to myself...It doesn't look special, this is fattening, and I'm not going to eat all this.
BUT....GIRLLLL was I wrong!
I ate everything on that plate AND had the nerve to order another waffle.
UGH so friggen good (my mouth is watering while writing this post).
Even though it looks a little run down and outdated, don't let that fool you.
If you have a Waffle House in your area, or visiting a state/ city where they have Waffle House's...STOP IN!
You won't be disappointed ;)

Take a look at the meal I ordered (not including the 2nd waffle I ordered)...Best Breakfast EVERrrr

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