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My 22nd birthday is a couple days away...YAY!! So I stopped by Sephora and a couple other stores to do what I do best ((SHOPPING)). Listed below are pictures & swatches of all the items purchased throughout the past few weeks. Make sure to check out my: Fashion, Beauty & Laxatives Haul to hear me ramble ;)

For being a Sephora "beautyinsider", they gave me a free birthday gift set! Anyone can be a "beautyinsider", so make sure you sign up to get free samples & such:
Birthday Gift Set
Sephora Mascara
Sephora Eyeliner
Sephora Eyeshadow_Aspen Summit N 23
. . . . . .
There was no purchase necessary in order to claim your free birthday gift, but I was in need of another white jumbo eyeshadow pencil...So I bought this Sephora brand for only $6.00
. . . . . .
Free Sample

Clearance $4.99!
This sleeveless shirt was originally $22.80
Diamond Clustered Ring $3.80

Milk of Magnesia_Philips $4.99
Thanks so much to makeuponabudget and my wonderful subscriber for introducing me to this product! No, I don't use this as a laxative, but as a face product instead... It does an awesome job fighting back the shine!
Whitening Dental Wraps_$18.99 sale $12.99
Maybelline's Colossal Mascara_$5.99 sale $3.49
Monistat Chafing Gel_$5.99

I'm loving the whitening dental wraps from Walgreen's and my Monistat chafing gel as a face primer. Y' all probably thinking I'm crazy, but this stuff is a great product to smooth out your skin before applying your foundation or face powders. As for the dental wraps, I've seen a major improvement in my teeth. I haven't been consistent with the product, but see a 2 maybe 3 shade difference...Loves it!!!

Make sure to check out my:
Fashion, Beauty & Laxatives Haul for more rambling info!


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