Natural Hair Product Review

Curlformers Revisited

7:24 PMBargainPrincess

Remember these things?!

Last time I used Curlformers was in 2009..(June to be exact)
Curlformers was one of my many go to styles, 
while I was transitioning to natural hair. 
It provided instant bouncy curls-
for those "last minute styles" or
 to switch up your curls.
(hot mess video)

So I decided to revisit the curlfomers..
This time on my natural hair-
and of course better video quality..LOL ;)
 While doing my hair, I noticed things have changed
since 2009 & that is...MY HAIR GREW lol
 Here's a picture showing you how my hair was
peeking out of the curlformers, which in this case is
NO bueno.
The product used was the same product featured in

Make sure to check out my 
on these Curlformers 
& how I combated those frizzy ends.


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