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Wet n' Wild: Coloricon

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I normally don't buy Wet n' Wild eyeshadows, but when I saw this collection showcased in front of the store I had to give it a try! The sleek new packaging was cute and the wide selection of colors to choose from were really eye catching. They had 4 different palettes to choose from:
  • Pride - consisted of blues & greens
  • Vanity - consisted of a variety of browns
  • Greed - consisted of peaches & grays
  • Lust - consisted of a variety of purples <3
Like always, the price was pretty reasonable for 3 matte and 3 highly pigmented eyeshadows!
Either go get them now while supplies last or wait until Rite Aid has there BOGO or 40% off sales! Don't we just LOVE a bargain ;)

  • Name: Wet n' Wild Coloricon
  • Location: As of now, I've only seen it sold at Rite Aid
  • Color: Purples
  • Price: $4.99!!
Swatches of Lust:
  • 3 matte
  • 3 pigmented

Can we say DUPE alert!!
Even though I don't do a lot of tutorials using MAC eyeshadows, I'm still aware of the different finishes and huge color selection MAC has to offer. On that note, when I first saw this palette the shimmery deep burgundy eyeshadow with the reddish/ pink shimmers reminded me sooo much of beauty marked..Right!?
MAC: Beauty Marked
Color: Black - Red with Sparkle Pearl
Finish: Velvet
Price: 14.50

This goes to show you that some drugstore brands can be very comparable to higher end products ;)


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