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Wet n' Wild: Craze Nail Polish

10:47 AMBargainPrincess

Wet n' Wild Craze Nail Polish - Glitz

One word: HOT!

This nail polish is sooo pretty, glittery & super girly, LOVES IT!!
My only complaint has to be the texture of the glitter. It can be clumpy once applied to nails, but you have to work fast and apply even brush strokes. Also, it's not fine glitter so the texture of he nail polish wont be as smooth once applied. BUT for only $1.99... Why complain ;)

Nail Polishes used:
  • Base coat: Sally Hansen - Clear'd for Takeoff
  • All over color: Petites - French Pink
  • Glitter: Wet n' Wild - Glitz
  • Top Coat: Nailene's Acrylic Strong - #66374
  • Brush size

I was skimming threw the February edition of Oprah's Magazine and saw OPI's new Spring 2010 collection: Alice and Wonderland. This collection consisted of 2 glittered nail polishes and 2 reds! In this collection, there was a nail polish called Mad as a Hatter (pictured down below). This reminded me soooo much of Wet n' Wild's Glitz because of the multicolored glitters: pink, silver, blue, purple, and gold. However, Mad as a Hatter looks like it has more of a silver-ish tint to the nail once applied? mmh..

All in all, I really like Glitz! It's super pretty, girly & really affordable.


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